The worldwide standard for securing environment variables

Dotenv is the proven way to secure environment variables at every scale. Store secrets and app configuration securely with a single file.

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More than 1,000,000 developers use and trust Dotenv.


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More than 1,000,000 developers, and their companies, trust Dotenv to protect their secrets and app configuration.

1M+ Developers
250K+ Organizations
100M+ Installs per month

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With API libraries for pretty much every programming language you can think of, Dotenv fits seamlessly into any stack.

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Serious protection, at multiple layers

Dotenv makes it easy to add layers of protection depending on the security requirements of your organization. Each layer is best in class.

πŸ† Layer 1 Protection

Install dotenv library

Store secrets and app configuration separately from source code, with a single .env file.

Over 100 Million installs per month.

πŸ” Layer 2 Protection

Secure with Dotenv Vault

Securely sync secrets and app configuration across machines, environments, and team members.

Stop sharing .env files over insecure channels like Slack and email.

Over 3,000 organizations trust and use Dotenv Vault.

πŸ›‘ Layer 3 Protection

Configure Vault Access

Incredibly advanced permissions allow you to control access to your secrets and app configurations across your entire organization.

Stop worrying about a junior developer overwriting an important environment variable. Protect and configure at the organization, project, environment, and even individual secret level.

Hundreds of organizations have already graduated to Layer 3 Protection.

Go secure in minutes

It is easy to go secure with Dotenv Vault.

Security β†’

Learn more about the layers of protection

1-Click Integrations

Dotenv supports a wide range of 1-click integrations and growing rapidly. Managing environment variables across your infrastructure has never been easier.

Most popular
GitHub Actions
Most popular
AWS Secrets
AWS Parameter Store
Azure Key Vault
Coming soon
Docker Compose
Digital Ocean
Google Cloud
Coming soon
Coming soon

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